Year: 2005

Area: Service, Cinema & Entertainment
Project: Brand Strategy and Positioning, Brand Name Development, Brand Identity
Market: Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
Creator’s comment: Popart beats popcorn!

Cinamon Brand

Cinamon is a cozy, club-like and entertaining cinema with cafes and restaurants. Cinamon goes beyond the traditional business model of multiplex movie theatres and represents a new era in cinema-going. The goal of the project was a long-awaited market launch in the Baltics and Ukraine. Our branding consisted of brand consultancy and brand name development. The name CINAMON comes a combination of the words cinema and cinnamon. The brand concept is well illustrated by the slogan “More than a cinema!”. You can visit Cinamon in Latvia, Riga; Lithuania Kaunas and Klaipeda; Estonia Tartu, Tasku center and Tallinn, Solaris center.