Exhibition “Our People”

The Estonian History Museum’s touring exhibition ‘Our People’ was prepared in connection with the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia. The exhibition provides an opportunity to compare the Estonian society of today and that of the 1930s, presenting eight generalised portraits of various members of the society in the two periods. The exhibition mainly uses statistics from the censuses of 1934 and 2011, which visitors to the exhibition can themselves compare and see how the Republic of Estonia has changed since its conception. It is up to every visitor to decide for themself whether the changesare for better or for worse. The touring exhibition ‘Our People’ brings together the Estonian people of the interwar period and today in a set of panel pictures that look like playing cards. Facts about the two different eras are presented in the form of playful infographics, making data comparisons easy and fun. Come and see the conditions that shaped our people in the 1930s and how they differ from the Estonia of today!

In cooperation with Estonian History Museum