„Eepos“ (estonian for national epic) was created on Identity’s initiative in 2012 as a range of nostalgic chocolate products based on the iconic vintage „Kalevipoeg“ milk chocolate born in 1969.


As an hommage to the original artist Ilse Rosenfeld-Lepikson, we developed a design language that closely follows the handwriting in the original illustrations.

The sales of the three-product range rose 46% within a year. All the three products rose in the sales league tables and Kalevipoeg went from 4th place to the leading product on the market.


The Kalev company won the Growth Prize of Orkla group in the year of the launch. The „Eepos“ product range continues to enjoy popularity and has now grown into a range of 7 different product.


In collaboration with Kalev.

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