Tallinn City Museum
The Tallinn City Museum was founded in 1937 and it researches, collects, preserves and communicates Tallinn’s history. The museum brings to light the stories of people who have lived here throughout the years – the stories of townspeople as well as of the changing urban culture and provides a rendezvous point to reflect on urban culture and dream of a better city. The Tallinn City Museum is made up of seven branches located in different buildings, each with a different aim and speciality: The Tallinn City Museum, the Museum of Photography, the Kiek in de Kök Fortifications Museum, the Children’s Museum Miiamilla, the Tallinn Russian Museum, the House of Peter the Great and the Kalamaja Museum. The new brand launched in the beginning of 2022 will bring them all together into a cohesive unit.
Year: 2022
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